Tan Kah Kee Award in Mathematic and Physical Sciences
Yang Le

Yang Le (1939- ) is a native of Nantong, Jiangsu Province. Yang is a world-renowned mathematician. He graduated from Mathematics Department of Peking University in 1962, and obtained his master's degree from Mathematics Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1966. He served as head of Mathematics Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Executive member, Director-general and Secretary-general of China Mathematics Society, and director of Academic Committee of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was elected an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980.

Yang's research mainly focused on value distribution theory of entire function and meromorphic function. Yang made many inventive and significant contributions to distribution theory of function model, angular distribution theory, and normal family and so on. In cooperation with Zhang Houguang, he found the relations between "defective value" and "singular direction" in light of distribution theory of function value, which completely solved the long-existing mathematic problem of singular direction distribution; their estimation on defective value of function was also accepted as the result of accuracy of universal surface. International mathematician called their achievement "Yang-Zhang Theorem" and "Yang-Zhang Inequality". From 1965 to 1977, they published 8 papers in this field. And In 1982, he published his own monograph: Value Distribution Theory and Its New Development. Yang also made systematic study on normal family and gained some new and important normal criterion by establishing combinations between normal families and fixed points and between normal families and differential polynomials, which solved a problem of normal families advanced by famous learned man Mr. W. K. Hayman. In aspect of angular distribution of entire function and meromorphic function, Yang also made systematic and in-depth research. Yang got an in-depth result in relations between angular distribution and multiple value; he gave a complete definition on distribution law of meromorphic function in Borel's direction; in cooperation with Hayman, he solved Littlewood's conjecture. Relation of deficiencies discovered by Yang was called "Yang's Relation of Deficiencies". All of these Yang's achievements were highly thought of and were widely cited by mathematicians both at home and abroad. He was given Ho Leung Ho Lee Award for Science and Technology Advancement in